Best Prohormones

by Jessica Miller on

The best prohormones for an individual should be a task that is dealt with utmost responsibility. Although the market has many of them like halodrol, as also known as 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol, and dimethazine which are formulated using the azine bond technology and the list goes on.

amateur-bodybuilder-of-the-week-above-average-joe_bsmHalodrol prohormone is a supplement that combines ecdysterones with arachidonic acid. Gaspari holds the patent for this acid. The mixture contains a fatty acid oil blend at a forty percent strength. Ecdysterones occur naturally in the plant known as cyanotis vaga. They are a common substance among body builders.

Fitness enthusiasts are always on the lookout for Ergogenic helpers. These are the substances that, when taken under supervision, appear to improve the human body’s appearance and health. Halodrol has the reputation of helping to melt fat while adding to the strength of muscles. For this reason it is being sought after by people trying to improve their bodies.

Today’s Halodrol Prohormones were introduced when its predecessor was removed from the market. The previous product was a pro-hormone supplement known as Halodrol Fifty. The new product is legal and easily accessible.

There are some important restrictions regarding who is eligible to take Halodrol liquid gels.

The dosage and usage directions must be followed closely for the best results. The user must take just one gel capsule per day, for a period of six weeks During this time. The user must drink sixty four ounces of water per day. After the six week period, he must go off the gels for thirty days. For best results the Halodrol user should follow a strict high protein diet and engage in a resistance training program. This product is not intended for long term use.It is paramount to have expert’s opinion before consuming any such drug. So when a prohormone that understands the need of your body and it accompanies minimum side effects.

Dimethazine is also another potent prohormone engineered for large, dry muscle gains. It’s a potent compound that will provide you with immense gains in size, energy and muscle abundance. One can anticipate increasing from 10-20 pounds in a series. Dimethazine produce dramatic gains in power from week to week. Also, the extra androgenic storage will create a rapid muscle swelling impact that will guarantee you that complete, hard look and outstanding pumps.

Dymethazine should be used for 4-6 weeks. Most users should begin with two caps during the day, preferably pre-workout and another 6-8 hour later. Exceptional users can use up to 3 caps per day, spread during the day, pre-exercise, and night.

As of its Azine Bond technology, the impacts of Dymethazine are considerably decreased contrasted to other prohormones.

The form of these prohormones depends on upon the brand; it comes in various forms such as liquid, tablet, pills or capsules. But, make sure that whenever one is using the prohormones, it must be suggested by the doctors. The dosage of prohormones should be made in a proper and right way; otherwise, it will harm the body. One thing that one must keep in mind is that while buying any prohormones, check whether this brand is banned or not. Apart from this make sure that there is no side effect of that name. There are a number of methods by which one can take or buy these pills but out of them, oral form is the best and simple to buy these products. Among the lots of forms of the prohormones, some prefer injection mode. But you should not think that prohormones always have advantages. It also has some drawbacks, if it is not taken in a proper way or dose.

Best Prohormones could be easily found in any pharmacy or any supplement store. Prohormones are used as performance enhancing drug in the form of professional aid. Prohormones are completely natural and are not prepared synthetically like the steroids hence don’t have that level of side-effects. The prohormones are changed to the final target hormone with the help of enzymes that are found in the human body. The enzymes present in the body helps in the conversion process and complete it.

It is a reliable way as compared to other supplements for increasing the body strength and giving the body a required shape. But it should be remarked that these prohormones will be useful and will turn into hormones only through a heavy work out and regular exercise otherwise, its effect will minimize. So be cautious while using the prohormones as they should be of a good quality and brand.


Written by: Jessica Miller