Marissa LaRen as a Tattoo Artist

by Jessica Miller on

Marissa’s love for metal and hardcore music was the reason why she got into the tattooing, in the first place. The first person she saw that was heavily tattooed was someone from a metal band she liked. Upon seeing that person, Marissa was fascinated. Right then and there, she realized that she wanted to be part of the tattooing world. She sees tattooing as an art form that can provide her with endless possibilities of self-expression.

At the young age of 11, Marissa knew that she Aside from being an athlete, health buff and fitness fanatic, 24 year old Marissa LaRen is also great tattoo artist. In 2015, she became a contestant of the Spike TV series Ink Masters Season 6. During her stint at the tattoo competition, Marissa proved that her raw talent can make up for her lack of experience in the industry. She had only been tattooing for 3 years then, making her a rookie and the least experience contestant.

How Did She Become A Tattoo Artist?

Marissa wanted to become a tattoo artist. However, it only at the age of 19 that she got her first tattoo. It was of a poem she wrote that was translated to Hawaiian, done by her very own mentor Erik Campbell. Erik is a remarkable artist with over 13 years of tattooing experience. He and Marissa competed with each other at Ink Masters.

Her Major Influences

Her tattooing taste and style are greatly influenced by Baroque and Gothic architecture and arts. This is because she loved tattoos that are horror of death inspired. In addition to that, she also looks up to great tattoo artist like Johan Finné, Jeff Gogue, Nikko Hurtado, Emily Rose Murray and many more.
Marissa is currently working at Florida-based tattoo shops Timeless Craft Tattoo Gallery and Vatican Tattoo Studio. She is one of the many lucky endorser of Phormula 1. If you want to know more about her, you can click here. Her website is http://www.marisalaren.com.


Written by: Jessica Miller