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Simplified Weight Loss
The diet is designed to be simple and to help you lose weight and get slim without requiring an over complex diet plan
Each meal will provide the nutrition and calories you need for the day. Each recipe is easy to make and you can select the ones you like best. We have approached the diet from the perspective that satisfying your appetite is as important as providing the calories to promote weight loss. From our experience anyone who is dieting just wants to lose weight, fit into the clothes they like, feel fit and good about themselves. Whilst body mass indexes, programmes and calorie counters can be useful we have structured the BiG Eater Diet to be easy to make, easy to understand and easy to stick to. We are happy to provide our customers with as much detail as you require. We will welcome feedback from you and you can talk to us.

Sustainable Weight Loss 
The big eater diet will not only give you a method of losing weight it will also help you keep slim. The recipes are very versatile and if you have reached your target weight it is easy to increase the calorie content of ach meal so you do not lose more weight but maintain your new weight. The recipes are based on years of analysing fluctuating weight and the search for an effective diet that provides meals that satisfy the appetite without the constant hunger and obsession with food that can result from diets that focus on calorie reduction whilst leaving the appetite unsatisfied.

Vegetarian Food
The recipes are based on using vegetarian food however you can use meat products if you choose to. Vegetarian products have half the calories of meat products and very little fat. This means you can eat twice as much !! If you do not use vegetarian food you must use half the quantities in the recipes. Vegetarian food products are available in most supermarkets, They are flavoured to provide a vegetarian alternative to ham, bacon, sausages, beef strips, lamb, chicken even fish! The flavours are naturally different to meat products if you really want to lose weight it is worth getting used to them. Some vegetarian products are very tasty particularly when used in the big eater diet. As everyone has different tastes it is worth experimenting with different types of vegetarian food to find the ones you like.